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Ambassador Program

Grow together with Musicians Network

If enjoying good deals, empowering artists, and all things musical are something you adore, look no further! Immerse yourself in the symphony of Musicians Network’s Ambassador Program. It is definitely the best way of expressing your love and  support for  fellow musicians and the industry, while earning extra income. Sharing is caring, so keep that in mind when connecting with musicians and service providers.

Does this program sound like a good fit for you?

By joining our Ambassador Program, you get some exceptional perks. First of all, you get a free premium subscription on our website as well as 15% commission on every new member you refer to us. Also, your friends, family, or followers will get 50% off when signing up with your ambassador coupon code. This is the part where everyone becomes joyous and the tradition mixed with the meaningfulness of our service is spread throughout the music community.

Our Brand Ambassador Program Perks:

  • Free premium subscription / membership for yourself (for 3 listings)
  • 15% commission for every new subscriber your refer
  • 30%  discount on all ad campaigns (website, newsletter and social media)
  • 50% subscription discount for your friends, family, and followers
  • Unique ambassador coupon code for sharing with your communities

But that’s not all! If your efforts result in 50 or more signups each month, you will receive an extra 5% in commissions. Our Ambassador Program really is a great incentive for everyone involved. As the essence of our brand is related to the unity of musicians, you will instantly feel connected to our musical community.

Great things and bonds flourish if people share a special passion and affinity for our platform, which are meaningful and empowering too. After all, is there anything better than sharing the positivity and joy of music with people who will appreciate it the same way you do?

Signup below and start your musical network of evolving relationships today!

Want to know more?

Who can join?

Anyone and everyone. It  would be advantageous if you’re involved in the music industry (as a musician or service  provider) as you would have access to many people in the music space.

What's the requirements to join?

Although there’s no cost to join this program, you would be requested to actively promote Musicians Network, sharing our content to your network of musical colleagues and followers.

What will I need to get started?

Once you sign up, we will provide you with the necessary marketing and promotional material needed to successfully promote and market Musicians Network, using various platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, Word of Mouth,  etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the program?

  • You must  be residing  in South Africa
  • You must have  an  active listing (basic or premium) on MusiciansNetwork.co.za


What methods can I use to promote Musicians Network?

  • Any method or means necessary, including Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), WhatsApp, sms, email, through your website and by word of mouth.


How will you help me to be a successful ambassador?

  • Musicians  Network, will provide you with  the necessary material (brochures, flyers, posters, etc) that you can  share  with prospects through any of your marketing platforms.


Do I also get commissions on the 50% discount  coupons that i  share  with  friends and  family 

  • Yes  you do.


How often are commissions paid and by when  are they paid?

  • Commissions are paid monthly, by the 5th of the month.


Is  there a minimum payout fee?

  • Yes, the minimum payout fee is  R100.

How to get started?

Step 1

Complete the signup form below

Complete the signup form below. You will be notified via email whether your application was successful or not.

Step 2

We’ll give you some marketing material

We will share various marketing and promotional material that will help you to promote Musicians Network to prospective members.

Step 3

Spread  the  Love

You’re free to start introducing www.MusiciansNetwork.co.za to colleagues, friends, family, followers and prospects in the music industry.

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